12 tips to collect emails with quizzes

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Want to collect emails and leads with a quiz? Quizzes are phenomenal at lead generation – with up to 40% opt-in rates. Average email collection tools average just 1.95%, according to the marketing software gurus at Sumo. That’s more than 20X better than typical lead generation options – and why you should turn to quizzes to collect emails.

At Riddle, our team have been doing quizzes and lead generation for a long time – in fact, we’ve got over 30 years of combined experience helping businesses collect emails and grow through quizzes.

To help get started, check out our lead generation tool kit – our ‘greatest hits’ of advice and tips about how to collect emails in quizzes:

How can you collect emails with quizzes?

  1. Quiz lead generation with Riddle – an overview
  2. Which type of quiz works best to collect emails?
  3. Why are quizzes so powerful for lead generation?
  4. Is Riddle GDPR-compliant?

After you collect emails – what next?

Next steps – ask us anything!

Now, we know using quiz lead generation can sound a little intimidating – but don’t worry, we’re happy to help with any questions.

From crafting your first lead generation form to sending your data to your favorite your marketing tool, we’ve been there and done that. Heck, we’re even happy to help you with strategy to help you build up your own quiz marketing funnel – that automatically engages visitors, qualifies them as potential leads, and sends follow up emails to convert them to happy customers.

Send us a message on support chat or email (hello@riddle.com). We’re big customer support geeks – from our CEO Boris down, we generally race each other to answer questions first.

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