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Riddle quiz from Stir Marketing

Stir marketing

Stir marketing created this Riddle quiz to let their readers participate in a mix of digital and offline scavenger hunt Stir Marketing helped their client Chill and Thrill use Riddle quizzes to power their hiking virtual scavenger hunts , promoting the use of local trails …

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Riddle personality quiz from Aston University

Aston University

Aston university created this Riddle personality quiz to help students find the best course to take Aston University uses Riddle’s personality test (and lead form) to guide master’s students to the most suitable courses, based on their first degree, interests, and career goals. This Riddle …

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Riddle quiz from

Gloria created this Riddle quiz to test their reader’s ability to act in a crisis Explore a Riddle quiz that tests your crisis behavior on Gloria, the leading woman’s magazine in Croatia. This quiz not only entertains but also educates you about handling tough situations, …

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Riddle personality quiz from Agatha Christie

My PowerBar

My PowerBar created this Riddle personality quiz to tell their users, what their energetic superpower is A powerful example @ what you can create, with even Riddle’s Basic plan. This quiz was created by a chartered psychologist to help people understand their personal energy habits. …

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Riddle quiz from Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie

Agatha Christie’s team created this Riddle quiz to test their reader’s knowledge about book character Hercule Poirot Everyone loves a ‘whodunnit’ – and Agatha Christie’s fans are no different. Her publishing company regularly uses quizzes to challenge her mystery addicts – and collect emails for …

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Riddle poll from (Minute Media) (Minute Media) created this Riddle poll to ask their readers which team they want to win the Champions League Sports publisher Minute Media create sponsored quizzes for their brand clients, like this poll around ‘Ready Player One’ complete with the in-quiz video trailer. This … Find out more

Riddle survey from created a Riddle survey to ask their readers which car safety feature is essential to them Which? is the UK’s leading consumer protection organization. They created this survey so their members could provide feedback about self-driving cars – to help Which? guide future legislation. … Find out more

Riddle upvote list from BBC three

BBC Three

BBC three created a Riddle Upvote list about which “Love Actually” story their reader’s like the most The BBC’s Three has an audience of millions of 18-34 year olds. Animated GIFs make their ‘Love, Actually’ listicle pop off the page – generated great engagement and …

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Riddle list from Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC

Arsenal FC created a Riddle list ranking their best assist makers in the Premier League Football legends Arsenal FC are extremely creative – both scoring goals AND engaging fans. They rely on quizzes and listicles like this ‘Top 10 assist makers” to educate their audience …

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