New quiz type: ranked poll

2018-10-17T12:57:10+00:00New features|

At Riddle, we're proud to introduce our newest quiz type - the ranked poll. Our community of users are amazing - constantly coming up with ideas for new features and quiz types. And we listen - about 90{d2a41be1df1bb1f57ff4ab4fc5e8dae5f7aa3c163f6a38d6ac3f2cbd477c596b} of our new features come from user suggestions. Our new ranked poll is no different - [...]

Social story – where quiz meets blog post

2018-10-22T15:23:04+00:00New features|

Quiz Maker meets Blog Post We’re pumped at Riddle… we just rolled out our new social story for our quiz maker. Think of it as ‘quiz meets blog’ - you’ll be able to create a rich long-form text story, full of social media, images, and even your other Riddles. Ideal if you want to [...]

Apply new quiz styles or layouts

2018-10-18T07:49:13+00:00Customization, New features|

We're big (really big) into flexibility at Riddle. Our quiz maker is designed so you can easily customize it to your own particular needs. At last count, we have over 75 ways to customize your quiz, survey, or poll - including colors, fonts and languages, buttons or social share messages. Now we've added new [...]

Copy quiz questions or results

2018-10-22T15:43:10+00:00New features|

Hey - we get it. Time is tight these days - that's why we just introduced your new quiz time-saver. Now with Riddle's quiz maker, you can duplicate any question or answer with just a click. We'd like to claim credit for the idea, but we didn't think of this ourselves. Nope, it was [...]

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