Create your own poll online – boost engagement and sharing

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Polls are a proven way to engage your audience. Asking people about their opinion is simple and powerful – it turns passive (and fickle) readers into engaged users who stay onsite longer (and share more often). The best news? Creating your own poll online is easy with Riddle’s quiz maker.  Our publishing partners like Callaway […]

Likert scale quizzes with Riddle’s personality tests

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Riddle’s quiz maker is pretty powerful – you can customize it for a near-infinite number of uses. We’ve seen academics, brands, and other folks create Likert scale quizzes on Riddle to power their research efforts. Here’s how you can do the same.

likert scale quizzes

Likert scale quiz: overview

“Likert what?”

We’ve all […]

Refresh quiz ad units after each question

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Refresh quiz ad units – why you should:

Quizzes are brilliant at getting your users to spend more time on site – with users spending an average of 3 minutes 17 seconds per ten question quiz. Now you can monetize that traffic by telling your site to refresh quiz ad units after every question. That will give […]

Customize anything with Riddle’s CSS quiz editor

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Social data giant Kissmetrics knows that quizzes and interactive content are flat-out awesome at boosting engagement. They turn passive readers into viral brand advocates – increasing time on site and social shares. But why disrupt your site’s branding with a clunky 3rd party widget? Check out Riddle’s shiny new CSS quiz editor – it lets […]

Contextualizing the Survey Question

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Growing up, whenever a telemarketer would call the house, my father would pick up the phone, listen until he understood the nature of the call, and then unleash all hell on the unlucky soul at the other end. I was never privy to the calls, but I like to think the questions that set him […]

Why are quizzes so powerful for lead generation?

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Getting leads is the Holy Grail of all business growth.

Getting more people to join your mailing list or subscribe to your blog will make a huge difference in how fast you can grow your content marketing efforts and thus your business.

You’ve probably seen the most common form to get people to sign […]

Using that Friday Feeling to make your customers laugh (and buy)

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It seems that every day of the week now has a new title on social media. We have Throwback Thursday, Wednesday is Hump Day and Monday is well, oh dear it’s Monday! It seems that many people seem to have forgotten about the social selling fun aspect of Friday.

Many years ago I was writing for […]

How to use QUICK, fun content to engage shy followers

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So you’ve built up a social media following and you want two things from them.

1) To buy or use your product/service or click on your adverts – whatever is your main reason for using social media in the first place.

2) To tell other people about you, your service or your social media feed.

But if you […]

You Talkin’ to Me? How to ‘Get’ Your Users

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In order to prepare for his Oscar winning role in the 1976 classic, Taxi Driver, Robert de Niro famously worked 15 hours days for an entire month as a New York City cab driver. In addition to obtaining his cab license, he studied mental illness extensively. For us film fans who marveled at […]