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More big improvements for Riddle

We’ve added so many features to this week’s release, it feels a bit like Christmas has come early in June at Riddle! Of course, our tech team now looks a little bit like this: What’s new? New design: We’ve listened to your great design suggestions to improve our tools’ look and feel, including moving the share […]

Riddle loves Slack - here is why
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Riddle Uses Slack – Here’s Why We Love It

Riddle is a fairly unusual company. We are registered in Delaware, have a small virtual office in the Silicon Valley, an office in Munich, a small team in the UK, in New York and a development office in Bangkok – staffed partially with British developers and partially with locals. This virtual setup gives a lot […]

Launching Riddle - Post Mortem
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Launching Riddle on ProductHunt

I want to share our experiences from our Riddle launch on ProductHunt at the end of April 2015 with the community. I am sure we have many startups using Riddle and maybe you can find something of value in these notes. Launch plan: – get the product to an MVP (minimum viable product) stage. Where […]

What is Riddle?


Hi and thanks for checking out the Riddle blog. I’m Boris - founder and CEO of Riddle. Instead of answering the question from the blog title "What is Riddle?", I’d like to answer a more interesting question: Why did we build Riddle? I believe the "Why" is much more important than the "What". The answer to "what" is [...]

8 Reasons to Create Viral Content with Riddle


“I love quizzes and polls. They are a perfect growth hack. One of my favorites.” - Aladdin Happy, CEO of GrowthHackingIdea.com Best of all? Riddle is completely free to use - create as many quizzes, lists, and polls as you like. Or, you can try our paid white label [...]

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