Why Riddle’s freemium quiz pricing is changing


We are making a tough decision about Riddle's freemium quiz pricing that goes completely contrary to the "Make Everything Free" movement that has taken the internet by storm. We will no longer be offering an 'all you can create' free edition of Riddle. Instead, we'll start charging a nominal fee of $15 per month [...]

A first timer’s thoughts on SXSW


Imagine a room filled with 6,000 founders, CEOs, tech professionals going totally quiet for 10 minutes. No cell phones out, no one on their laptop, no one talking. Sounds unreal? It is unreal and it captures the spirit of what I experienced at SXSW 2016 better than anything else. South By as the veterans call [...]

Thunder CMS Drupal quiz maker – now live!


After months of work, our Thunder CMS Drupal quiz maker is now live! Our team's been working flat-out these past months with the prestigious publishing group Burda Media - and are now super excited to have Riddle included as the default quiz application within their new Thunder Content Management System. What is the Thunder [...]

Official Drupal quiz maker (Thunder CMS)


We are delighted to be the official Drupal quiz maker for Thunder, the Drupal-based system created by Hubert Burda Media. Riddle joins other big names like Facebook, Instyle.De, Playboy.De, Acquia and nexx.tv in this venture. Riddle is providing our quiz maker creation tools for this novel way for professional publishers to work together to make publishing both better [...]

Book review: The Art of Social Media by Guy Kawasaki and Peg Fitzpatrick – A white-knuckle ride of social media inspiration


In the introduction to The Art of Social Media  Guy Kawasaki explains that the book is "all about making everything invigorating, fast and easy". Quite a claim for a textbook. It's certainly fast. Reading this book is like getting on a high speed train. There is no time for repetition or the terribly tedious: [...]

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