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We launched Riddle way back in 2014 – with the goal of being the most powerful, flexible (and easiest to use!) quiz maker around. And (ahem) not to sound too immodest – but we think we’ve succeeded.

Our team comes from a quiz marketing background – with over 35 years combined experience in the space. From the outset, we’ve focused on providing the best quiz maker tools out there for brands, publishers, bloggers, and more:

Riddle: your quiz maker for engagement:

Quizzes are amazing at getting your visitors’ attention. Well-crafted quizzes are some of the most-shared content around (AdWeek) – they turn fickle and passive browsers into active participants.

Variety is key for successful long-term audience engagement. We go beyond the standard quiz – and offer 15 types of interactive content, including:

  • Pop quiz
  • Auto-Quiz
  • Multi-poll
  • Personality test
  • Tap & find
  • Story
  • Opinion poll
  • Journey
  • Survey
  • List
  • Reaction poll
  • Upvote
  • Form
  • Order it

Riddle: powerful online quiz lead generation

Engagement is just half of the quiz maker equation. Quizzes also excel at lead generation – they capture visitors’ attention, then get them to engage and answer questions. It’s a natural next step to ask for their email address to continue the conversation or email their quiz results.

Quizzes get up to 35-40% opt-in rates for lead generation forms.

Awesome, right?

That’s 20X better than the 2% average for standard online options (such as the ever-annoying “sign up for our newsletter” pop-ups you see everywhere).

And this process can be 100% automated – powering your marketing funnel to find, qualify, follow up, then convert potential customers.

Each of Riddle’s quiz types feature integration lead generation – you can quickly create your own lead generation form with our drag and drop builder with 16 types of questions.

Sync every leads’ information and quiz data to 1,400 types of marketing software – including ActiveCampaign, SalesForce, HubSpot, MailChimp, and more.

Best of all? No coding required.

Send out highly personalized emails to each quiz taker – show them the right offer or messages based on their quiz results to convert more sales.

100% customer-focused

We started Riddle with a promise. Beyond great tech, we wanted to provide world-class, jaw-droppingly good customer support.

Rather than having a dedicated customer support team, we have everyone at Riddle help out. Ask us anything on support chat – and you’ll see our CEO Boris, our developers… everyone… racing to be first to answer your question. So ask away – we’re big quiz geeks and love to help out.

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