Did you know… there are over 100 languages with over 7 million speakers each – with Mandarin topping the list at 1.2 billion?

We’re so happy to announce that Riddle is now available in 30 languages (and counting!), from Azerbaijani to Mandarin, Swedish to Turkish and even ‘Pirate’. With your help, our goal is to get reach all 100!

Changing the language of any Riddle is easy – just click the dropdown menu in the customise section, select the language, and click ‘next’.


You can do the same thing for any Riddle you have already embedded – it will automatically update. Neat, right?

Want to add another language? Just click here to translate the 40 words per language – and we’ll get that uploaded right away.

Improved design:

Adding a bunch of languages was just the start. Thanks to feedback from the Riddle community, you’ll also see a streamlined new design for creating each Riddle.

Now, each question or item is displayed vertically on the left for a more intuitive layout.


We’ve also moved all of customization and sharing options just to the right of your Riddle – easy to see and even easier to test out new colors, fonts, and languages.




Another week and another big release – our tech guys are more than ready for a nice cold beverage to celebrate the weekend!

Screen Shot 2015-06-26 at 17.07.55

This week’s “Bug Spotter Award” goes to James of So Publishing – who helped us fix a sneaky little bug that saw our sharing buttons overlap the title of polls. Big thanks James!

Keep all those great ideas and suggestions coming – as always, you can reach us at hello@riddle.com, or by replying to this message.

Happy Riddling!