Do you hate staring at the comment count of your WordPress blog posts and looking at a big Zero? I certainly do. But getting people to comment is really hard. It takes loyal followers, fans who share your believes or lax security attracting spammers 🙂

However, when going to your social feed you probably see a lot of people sharing and commenting on quizzes and personality tests like “I took the what color is your aura test and guess what, I am blue… I knew it…” or “I scored 10 out of 10 in the How breaking bad are you quiz – try to beat that, hah”

Bragging about quiz scores and sharing personality test results is just something we do, kind of like talking about the good grades our kid brought home from school in the old days before we could post pictures of their report cards on Facebook.

To make creating shareable content as easy as possible is one of the reasons I started Riddle with my friends. We want to enable everyone to create content that is shareable and fun and could potentially also make you some money as we throw free features like lead capture or ad serving in there.

Taking this a step further is to make it super simple to add Riddle content (quizzes, personality tests, surveys, top 10 lists and polls) to a self hosted WordPress blog. I say self hosted as the guys that run the platform where you can have them host your blog still do not allow the kinds of content embedding that is needed to run Riddle.

If you do not want to use our Plugin, please watch this short help video. Otherwise, read on below the video on how to work with our Plugin.

To make this process as simple as possible, Riddle has developed a Riddle WordPress Plugin to make it super easy to bring content created on to your blog posts and pages.

All you need to get quizzes onto your blog is this:

  • Create a free account at (and don’t worry, Riddle will stay free unless you choose to get one of our premium packages to unlock thinks like removing the Riddle logo. This will make me happy but of course is not needed to work with Riddle)
  • Create some fun content. We even give you templates for all types of content to get you started quickly
  • Install our Riddle WordPress Plugin and connect Riddle to WordPress
  • Add Riddles to your posts or pages

Check out this short video I recorded walking you through the process.

Now, if you really want to see me smile, leave a comment and post a link to a blog post where you embedded a Riddle.

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