ActiveCampaign quiz lead generation and Riddle

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Riddle’s quiz maker is a powerful tool for marketers at companies of all sizes. Our quiz marketing platform lets you to easily gather the names, emails, and quiz responses of the people who take your quiz. The next step? Combine Riddle with ActiveCampaign for a powerful quiz lead generation duo – seamlessly send personalized follow up messages based on how each quiz taker’s responses.

Sound tricky? Don’t worry – it’s easy to do, with no coding required.

Updated – July 16, 2020: Native ActiveCampaign integration now live

We’re mighty chuffed here at Riddle. We’ve just added our own native ActiveCampaign integration to our Pro and Team plans – so you can easily collect and send leads directly ActiveCampaign.

You can also use our Zapier app on our Basic plan for ActiveCampaign lead generation – we’ll cover these steps below.

However, we recommend using our native integration for the simplest option.

Video tutorial: Riddle’s ActiveCampaign integration

ActiveCampaign and Riddle: Zapier or webhook options

This post will mostly cover how to use a cool service called Zapier ( They specialize in connecting different web services together – in this case Riddle and ActiveCampaign.

However, if you’re a coder – you can also use our free quiz webhook to do the same thing.

ActiveCampaign quiz lead generation: step by step with Zapier

Check out the Zapier example below – using our free Zapier app (with no coding required). I’ll show how easy it is to do ActiveCampaign quiz lead generation –  you’ll make a quiz with Riddle’s quiz maker with a built-in lead generation form, then push the captured data to your ActiveCampaign list.

  • Don’t want to read the post? I whipped up this handy video walkthrough that takes you the various steps to get ActiveCampaign quiz lead generation up and running with Riddle’s quiz maker.
  • (I’m a bit sheepish for the background noise; you caught me getting my caffeine on at a local cafe.)
  • Create a free account at
  • Then click on ‘Make a Zap’ to get started.
  • Choose the ‘trigger app’ for Zapier – by typing Riddle Quiz Maker
  • Click on the Riddle Quiz Maker icon
  • Connect your Riddle quiz maker account.
  • Click test – Zapier will then make sure the connection is working perfectly.
  • Next, you’ll tell Zapier which of your Riddle quizzes to connect to. 
  • (Using Riddle’s multi-user team feature? Select your team here.)
  • Click on ‘Riddle’ to call up a list of your quizzes.
  • Select one – then click on ‘continue’.
  • Under ‘Test This Step’ – click on ‘skip’.
  • Then under the ‘Action app’, you need to type ‘ActiveCampaign’ – and select the ActiveCampaign icon.
  • Create any Riddle (quiz, list, poll, etc.) and add a lead gen form to it.
  • Be sure to add at least 2 fields (name and email) that we’ll collect and send as part of our ActiveCampaign quiz lead generation.
  • Next up, you’ll need to decide what to do with each lead’s data in ActiveCampaign.
  • A good default is to select ‘Create or update contact’.
  • Connect your Zapier account – then press ‘continue’.

  • Now you’re going to tell Zapier how to add data to your ActiveCampaign account by ‘mapping’ your Riddle lead generation form fields.
  • Under each ActiveCampaign field name, select the field name from your lead generation form. 
  • Want to add quiz results or answers – so you can send follow up messages based on how each user answered? You’ll need to scroll down to find the right ones.
  • Fields might vary among our 15 different quiz formats. For example, pop quizzes have right/wrong answers – so show a ‘Score percentage’ field, while our personality tests (with one overall result) will show ‘Result description’. Polls, upvote lists, surveys, and all our other quiz types feature varying fields.

  • Almost finished – now just click ‘Send test to ActiveCampaign’. (Here’s a screenshot from our HubSpot quiz lead generation example.)
  • Zapier will make sure everything’s connected properly.
  • You’re just about set – yay!
  • Now, as one final check, we highly, highly recommend taking your quiz yourself.
  • Fill in your form – and make sure that the data is like you want in ActiveCampaign.

Awesome – you’ve done it!

  • Give your new ZAP a name and activate it.
  • Now, when you go through your Riddle again and submit a lead, Zapier will enter that lead into your ActiveCampaign list.
  • Please be patient when you are testing this, we’ve found that Zapier sometimes takes up to 20 minutes to process these requests.
  • After that, you can set up automation rules – so that contacts tagged with a certain result get a personalized, relevant follow up message based on their results.

Definitely time for a coffee/beer/other beverage of your choice – you’ve earned it!

Any questions about setting up ActiveCampaign quiz lead generation?

Let us know – either through Riddle’s support chat or at Don’t be surprised by a fast answer – we’re customer support geeks, and our entire team races each other to respond first.

(You can read more about our unique customer support philosophy – you’ll see everyone, from our CEO Boris on down, answering support questions.)

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