Lists are one of the easiest form of interactive content to create. Here’s one that summarises why a list will bring you more traffic to your site.

5 Reasons Why A List Will Double Your Traffic Today

Often overlooked for the more glamorous quiz or personality test – a list is quick to create and easy to share. Here are five compelling reasons why you should create a list today!

People love lists!

Lists are short, easy to read and visually appealing. People can quickly scan through them and find specific items or images that appeal to them or understand the whole concept in seconds.

They are perfect for smart phones and tablets

No-one wants to wade through reams of words when they’re using their phone. A quick scroll through is all it takes to enjoy the full experience of a list. They make articles and blog posts seem old fashioned!

A list has to be concise

There’s no room for waffle so your message is crystal clear.

Easy to read + fun + shareable = lots more traffic

Leaving you time to get on a do other things!

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There are time-saving tips on writing lists here.